Hogben Ancestry

As researched by the late Victor Hogben (but see the disclaimer).

4 BC - 51 AD Huckbone
The Roman invaders in 47 AD spared his life for a promise of tribute at the Villa on the East Cliff, Folkestone, Kent.
232 AD Huckbone
is mentioned as being a good farmer at Limeringe, Kent
405 AD Huckbone
Cut down trees and grubbed up the stunps for extending his land at North Limeringe
639 AD Huckbone
Chieftan. Attended Thanksgiving Service, Ethelburge Church Limeringe
670 AD Huckbone
Stayed at Eastrie with a relative and discovered the bodies of the two murdered princes in King Egbert's Palace, Eastrie
801 AD Huckbone
He was of fair skin, a good looking man, a good farmer, Limeringe
995-1039 Huckbone
Chieftan, had a wife from Elham
1020-1069 Oswald Hugbene
Landowner, a good horse rider
1047-1074 William Hugbene
Mentioned in Domesday Book 1086: "Lord of the Manor, Limeringe"
1071 Henry Hogben=Ruth
He enjoyed horse riding. Farmer.
1095 William Hogben=Ann
Created first Baron Liminge. Land was given to him by Henry I (Hogben's Farm, Aldington, Kent) for his services to the Royal House 1131. Had a good personality.
1118 Harold de Lyminge=Agnes
Built Robus House, Lyminge; landowner
1144 Thomas de Lyminge=Martha
1168 Henry de Lyminge=Alice
1202 William de Lyminge=Mary
Went to the Crusade and fought bravely in the Holy Land as Knight Hospitallers of St John.
1235 Thomas de Lyminge=Joan
Bought Foulmead Farm, Sholden, Deal in 1261.
Stephen de Lyminge=Mary
Lord of the Manor, Lyminge, Mayor of Romney. On a Board in the Upper Court-Room in the old Town Hall, New Romney, named Stephen de Lyminge. He built a house in 1299 on the old site of Robus House, Lyminge. His younger brother Dyonyse married Frances; had a daughter Ann, born 1300. He was created Baron de Foulmead by Edward I, in recognition of public services.
1299 Stephen Hogben=Sarah
Farmer and landowner, Lyminge.
1322 Henry Hogben=Jane
Horse doctor and farmer
1341 William Hogben=Margaret
The Black Death 1349 caused shortage of labour on the farms.
1367 Richard Hogben=Sarah
The wool trade boomed.
1391 Thomas Hogben=Mary
Sold hos wool from his Romney Marsh sheep to Ashford, Kent.
1424 John Hogben=Marion
A good farmer
1450 Thomas Hogben=Margaret

From this point, the tree begins to branch out. I have information on about 450 people altogether; here is one line from then to the present day:

1472 Thomas Hogben=Jane
1491 Robert Hogben=Christiane
1512 Peter Hogben=Alice
1534 Stephen Hogben=Sarah
1556 Stephen Hogben=Ruth
1576 Robert Hogben=Susan
1597 William Hogben=Jane
1614 Robert Hogben=Anne
1651 David Hogben=Ann Carter
1682 Robert Hogben=Ann Philpot
1708 David Hogben=Ann
1740 John Hogben=Sarah
1766 Richard Hogben=Mary Rolfe
1810 Stephen Hogben=Ann Collick
1838 Stephen Hogben=Miriam Hambrook
1872 Frederic Hogben=Mary Ann Phinn
1919 A. D. Hugh Hogben=Marion Warren
1960 Colin Hogben (that's me!)

Genealogical Information

There is genealogical data in GEDCOM format available for download here, covering over 350 people (about 200 of them born Hogben).

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